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Okay! Pic time!!

As most of you know, I go to Comic Con every year out in San Diego. This year was especially memorable. This year I stayed with two of my favorite people in the world! My best friend Mike and my other close friend John. There aren’t many people who can keep up with my geekiness but those two may well surpass even me! (That is a compliment in my mind, by the way)
Seriously though, I had a blast with them!

I also had fun helping out again at the Suicide Girl booths. (yup, we had two this year!) I know I went on and on about them last year but I really have to say it again…..those girls are awesome!!!! Seriously, you couldn’t ask for a better group of girlies! They are all so sweet and I really connect with some of them…which for someone as socially inept as me, is quite a triumph! I’m going to miss them all. I am hoping to be able to see at least a few of them before Comic Con of next year. Perhaps I will try to make a trip out to LA in a few months.

Anywho…you guys didn’t click on this blog to hear me gush about my friends. I know why you are really here….so on with the pictures!! —->

Some of the Con highlights were—>
- Getting Leonard Nimoy’s autograph. I told him that he was the first man I ever had a crush on. He was very sweet and I started crying like crazy after meeting him. Yup, I’m a loser.
- Watching Joe Quesada flip out about how marriage sucks and basically piss off an entire room of fans.
- Seeing the Green Lantern movie….very entertaining!
- Watching Trick r’ Treat…decent campy horror movie.
- Getting to play a level of Left 4 Dead 2!!! Yay!!! It was so much fun! I can’t wait till it comes out in a couple months!
- Seeing the Iron Man 2 trailer. Looks better than I would have thought!
- Going to the Masquerade (I don’t usually go to it but I will from now on. It is hilarious!!)

Now for the complaints-
Okay, Comic Con people, this year SUCKED for gettiing into panels. Honestly, something needs to be done. You want to constantly over-sell the Con, fine. But at least start clearing rooms between panels!! It is starting to get ridiculous. I got in line sometimes 2 hours or more before a panel I wanted to see started and I still didn’t get in!! This makes working at a booth and enjoying the Con’s panels almost impossible. I can’t leave my booth for 4+ hours to get in line for a panel.
Please, please, please….give people who work there a break and give us some priority seating in some of the panel rooms. Or at least clear out the rooms!
It ticks me off to no end that the majority of people in some of those rooms don’t give a crap about half the panels in there. They just want to get seating for a panel later in the day. But that means that half the time, the real fans of these shows and directors are not getting in. I think at least 60% of the people in the Big Bang Theory panel had never seen the show and were just waiting for the Joss Whedon panel afterwards. Grrrr!

I know I am not the only one who felt that way this year. I have never heard so many people complain about the lines and waiting times for panels. Pretty much every person that came up to the SG booth was upset about the way the panels were organized this year. I think that almost everyone I knew (fellow SGs and non-SGs alike) were unable to get into a panel that they really wanted to. I really hope that they do things differently next year or move to a bigger convention center in the future. Or….and here is a thought….STOP OVER-SELLING THE CON!!!!

That is all. …..for now!

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